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Om, Om or Aum is a mystical or sacred syllable in the dharmic religions.

It is placed at the beginning of most Hindu texts as a sacred exclamation at the beginning and end of a reading from the Vedas - or to any prayer or mantra - should be uttered. The mantra Om is often represented by a symbol that is not hot but Omkar order.

For the mantra is the basis of many other mantras:

The OM sound is built up from the following components.

A (2 in the symbol Omkar) is resonant (aaaahh ...) the most open and deep guttural. This is the stage of human consciousness and represents the awakening of earthly or material level.
U (3 in the symbol Omkar) is resonant (uuuhh ...) the sound that most often lies in the mouth; written you is pronounced "oo". This is the stage of dream consciousness (thinking, feeling, desire, will).
M (1 in the symbol Omkar) is resonant (mmmmmm ...) the closure of the mouth. This is the stage of deep sleep consciousness or the indefinable unit-of-things.
AUM as a whole represents the experience of the infinite, the cosmic consciousness.

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